I have always had a great respect for Britannica,as every one else I know does but recently I have noticed that NASA,USA has put your reputation in jeopardy.The matter is about the monsoons of south Asia,and more specificly about the direction of the winds over the bay of Bengal(in section of Climate).About 3-4 years ago I let the Climate Prediction Center in USA know that in my studies about the monsoons I had found a mistake about the direction of those winds over the bay of Bengal and I specificly mentioned the vidio I had found,put out by one of their departments about the matter(and the same direction of winds was in Britannica cd2000),and I emailed that vidio to Dr.Muthuvel Chelliah at Muthuvel.Chelliah@noaa.gov  ,and after I received no answer I contacted the NASA directly but to my surprise I found out that my email to them had been blocked even though they had never heard about me from me.Now last night I saw that you have corrected that mistake of the winds' direction over the bay of Bengal.I congratulate you for this but since I believe that you are unaware of what has transpired before this I advise you(for the sake of your reputation)to ask NASA if I was right why was my email blocked? and why they did not acknowledge my work? and whether they have done the same with the rest of what I had told them(more specificly my hypothesis about the Middle East climate, which could explain the strange happening over Tibet every summer also)?I am not in a position to take any legal action about this or what ever else had been done to me but the whole world knows my case,which now has become yours too.I also want to add that I am not a professional meteorologist,and I still have not obtained your Britannica cd 2004 ( though I do have the 2000 and the 2002).Thank you,Farhang Bakhtiar po box 311,Mehr Villa,Karaj 31375-311,IRAN