Climate Variability over Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia

Many countries in the Southeast Asia region are agrarian societies and therefore being able to anticipate seasonal trends in temperature, rainfall and storm frequency is of paramount importance. However, any forecasting scheme must be built upon sound physical principles. This research aims to investigate the underlying physical causes of climate variation on the seasonal and interannual timescales over Vietnam and the neighbouring area. The main focus will be upon ocean-atmospheric interaction over the NW Pacific and SE Asia, especially the effect of the ENSO phenomenon, using a combination of empirical and model-based approaches. I am using a combination of the NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis data and model output which I am generating from the UKMO Unified Model, which we have installed here in the Climatic Research Unit.

Although not directly related to my research area, I also have a keen interest in tropical cyclones and other forms of severe and extreme weather.

My main supervisor is Dr Mick Kelly and my co-supervisors are Dr Grant Bigg and Dr Adrian Matthews. My research is supported by the Natural Environment Research Council.

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Conference Report

Impact of El Niño and La Niña on Southeast Asia, Hanoi, Vietnam, February 2000.

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